Central Billing Address: the Service Unit Accounting and Finance

The Service Unit Accounting and Finance is the central billing address for the University Management, Institutes and Centres, research platforms, representative associations, the Legal and Organisation Departments, Service Units and other administrative and/or staff departments (with the exception of DLE Raum- und Ressourcenmanagement/RRM, DLE Bibliotheks- und Archivwesen/UB and DLE Zentraler Informatikdienst/ZID) as well as special-assignment bodies / panels.

The mandatory billing address is:

  • University of Vienna
    Accounting and Finance
    1 Universitätsring
    1010 Vienna, Austria

  • Electronic invoices:
    (pdf format, only 1 attachment per e-mail)
    No hard copy is required in the case of electronic invoices!

(Incoming) Invoices / credit notes not addressed to the central billing address shall be returned to the supplier / service provider by the Service Unit Accounting and Finance.


Central Billing Address for the Service Unit Facility and Resources Management / Service Unit Library and Archive Services / Vienna University Computer Center

(Incoming) Invoices / credit notes pertaining to orders issued by these Service Units shall be addressed to separate billing addresses and shall be used exclusively by the purchasers of these Service Units.

Requirded information cost centre / internal order number

Suppliers must specify the cost centre number or internal order number on every (purchase) invoice / credits. The purchaser will provide this number when placing the order.

(Purchase) invoices / credits that do not specify the cost centre number or internal order number cannot be allocated to the unit that placed the order. In this case, the Accounting and Finance unit will send the invoice back to the supplier / service provider.